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硅谷的缔造者走了 Andy Grove who built Silicon Valley

本文摘要:Andy Grove, a technology pioneer credited with helping build Silicon Valley, died on Monday, bringing tributes from across the tech industry. 协助创下硅谷的科技业先驱安迪格罗夫(Andy Grove)周一去世,整个科技业都向他回应了致哀。


Andy Grove, a technology pioneer credited with helping build Silicon Valley, died on Monday, bringing tributes from across the tech industry. 协助创下硅谷的科技业先驱安迪格罗夫(Andy Grove)周一去世,整个科技业都向他回应了致哀。The former chief executive and chairman of Intel died at the age of 79, Intel said in a statement. He had suffered from Parkinson’s Disease for many years. 英特尔(Intel)在一份声明中称之为,该公司的这位前首席执行官兼任董事长与世长辞,享寿79岁。多年来,格罗夫仍然受到帕金森病(Parkinsons Disease)的虐待。

An early employee at Intel, he steered the company from memory chips to microprocessors, increasing revenues more than tenfold and creating the “Intel Inside” brand. Chips made by Intel, now the world’s largest semiconductor company by revenue, are used in Apple computers and servers in the data centres behind some of the world’s most popular apps. 格罗夫是英特尔的早期员工,他率领该公司从生产内存芯片改向生产微处理器,使营收不断扩大为原本的十倍以上,并竖立了“Intel Inside”品牌。如今,英特尔已是全球营收最低的半导体公司。该公司生产的芯片被用在苹果(Apple)电脑和众多数据中心里的服务器上,这些数据中心承托着一些全球最热门的应用于。


Brian Krzanich, Intel chief executive, said the chipmaker was “deeply saddened” by his death. “Andy made the impossible happen, time and again, and inspired generations of technologists, entrepreneurs and business leaders,” he said. Andy Bryant, Intel chairman, said Mr Grove’s approach to corporate strategy still influenced prominent thinkers and companies around the world. 英特尔首席执行官科再奇(Brian Krzanich)回应,公司对格罗夫的去世“感到悲伤”。他说道:“安迪一次又一次地把不有可能变成有可能,灵感了好几代技术人员、创业者和商界领袖的启发。”英特尔董事长安迪布赖恩兹(Andy Bryant)回应,格罗夫的公司战略思路仍影响着世界各地的卓越思想家和企业。Many technology leaders took to Twitter to express their thoughts on his achievements. 许多科技业领袖在Twitter上公开发表了对格罗夫成就的观点。

Tim Cook, Apple chief executive, called Mr Grove “one of the giants of the technology world”. 苹果首席执行官蒂姆库克(Tim Cook)称之为,格罗夫是“科技界的巨人之一”。“He loved our country and epitomised America at its best,” he said. Marc Andreessen, venture capitalist at Andreessen Horowitz, said he was “the best company builder Silicon Valley has ever seen, and likely will ever see”. 库克说道:“他爱人我们的国家,并且是美国仅次于优势的典型相比较。”安德里森霍罗威茨基金(Andreessen Horowitz)的风险投资家马克安德里森(Marc Andreessen)回应,格罗夫是“硅谷有史以来伟大的企业缔造者,以后有可能也会再有更佳的了”。

Mr Grove was born in Hungary by the name of András Gróf. A Jewish child during the Holocaust, he spent his early years with his mother fleeing from the Nazis. He escaped to the US after the Hungarian uprising of 1956. 格罗夫出生于在匈牙利,原名安德拉什格罗夫(András Gróf)。作为一名“纳粹大屠杀”(Holocaust)期间的犹太孩子,他的幼年是在与母亲一起逃离纳粹(Nazis)中童年的。1956年匈牙利暴乱后,他逃往了美国。

Arriving in the US aged 20, he trained to be a chemical engineer in New York and Berkeley. He joined Intel on the day it was founded in 1968 and served as chief executive from 1987 to 1998. 20岁那年到达美国后,他拒绝接受教育沦为了纽约和伯克利的一名化学工程师。他在1968年英特尔正式成立那天就重新加入了该公司,并在1987年到1998年间兼任该公司首席执行官。He also wrote management books including the bestseller Only the paranoid survive — about how to exploit crises at companies — and High output management. 他还写出过多本管理类图书,其中还包括畅销书《只有偏执狂才能存活》(Only the paranoid survive)和《高产出管理》(High output management)。《只有偏执狂才能存活》刻画的是如何对企业面对的危机加以利用。


Mr Grove was honoured last September for “inspirational leadership” at the Annual Churchill Club awards in Silicon Valley. In a tribute to Mr Grove, venture capitalist Ben Horowitz dubbed him “the man who built Silicon Valley”. 去年9月,在硅谷丘吉尔俱乐部(Annual Churchill Club)的年度评奖中,格罗夫因“启发性的领导风格”而受到表扬。在对格罗夫的悼念中,风险投资家本霍罗威茨(Ben Horowitz)将他被誉为“硅谷的缔造者”。Mr Grove and his wife Eva were married for 58 years, having two daughters and eight grandchildren. He was a philanthropist, contributing to Parkinson’s research and the City College of New York, among other causes. 格罗夫和夫人埃娃(Eva)成婚58年,有两个女儿和八个外孙。

他是一位慈善家,向帕金森病研究、纽约市而立学院(City College of New York)以及其他慈善事业捐出过款。